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February 2016: IFEM Celebrates 20th Anniversary


IFEM Chairman and CEO Chris Stern announces IFEM’s 20th year in business.

Raleigh, NC – February 16, 2016 –IFEM Management Consultants, Inc. doing business as Institute for Efficient Management – IFEM – is proud to announce its twentieth year as a premier specialty consulting firm for corporate strategy, international business improvement and market expansion.

IFEM began operations in 1996 when Chris Stern, the company’s founder, started advising mid-size organizations in crafting pragmatic and simple business strategies.

IFEM’s straight-forward approach and compelling methodology soon allowed clients to design strategic plans within just days instead of the typical months-long process. Early success allowed IFEM to serve larger companies, and with IFEM’s growing network of affiliates, the firm was able to offer services in the U.S. and in Europe.

1999 IFEM added concepts to improve the performance of U.S. subsidiaries of European companies, and European subsidiaries of U.S. corporations.

“Many reasons can lead to business underperformance. In most cases, it is a mix of five to seven ingredients that gets a business entity to fall between the cracks” says IFEM principal Chris Stern. He goes on to state “Unfortunately, many businesses blame everybody but themselves for not achieving their goals. Our experience shows that in most cases it is simple to design a successful business case”. Stern concludes: “All it takes is a set of coordinated measures to reduce amplitudes of business deficiencies, leverage strengths, and subsequently enforce coherence of actions with strategic goals.”

IFEM’s customer base has expanded during its twenty-year history and the company is now focused on combining training and consulting services into a blended mix of business success solutions. These services help customers learn to apply IFEM’s tools specifically and with more accuracy to their particular enterprise. Customized on-site training is an important part of this integrated approach to business consulting.


To kick off the anniversary celebration, IFEM will host a series of free webinars dubbed The Business Performance Series, beginning this Spring. 



About IFEM
IFEM is a management-consulting firm that delivers integrated business administration solutions for organizations that need to simplify the processes of strategic and business management. IFEM helps its client’s design and implement strategic plans that are highly efficient and effective. IFEM’s founder Chris J. Stern is best known for his statement that “business is simple until Academics and Consultants make it complicated”. IFEM serves corporate customers throughout the United States, and Europe and specializes in improving the performance of U.S. subsidiaries of European companies and EU subsidiaries of U.S. companies. 
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